Terms & Conditions

Kochi Navy Cyclothon 2024

I.    Event organizer refers to Indian Navy and participants refers to people enrolling Kochi Navy Cyclothon 2024.

II.    Any event that is beyond the control of the Event Organizer including act of God like storm, rain, inclement weather, etc. or any other event caused due to health or safety reasons shall be called a  “Force Majeure Event”.

III.    By submitting the Registration form electronically or physically, the Participant hereby agrees to the following:-

1.    Registration.

(a)    To comply with the Terms & Conditions of the Event put forth by Indian Navy.

(b)    Each participant upon signing the registration form online or offline agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the distance category of 75 Kms.

(c)    To register, the Participant must be 16 years as on 21 Jan 24 or above. Minors, 16-18 yrs of age have to submit a hard copy of indemnity bond duly signed by Guardians. Form available on Kochi Navy Cyclothon website.

(d)    It is mandatory to produce and carry valid Aadhar Card at start point.

(e)    It is mandatory for all participants to wear safety approved cycling helmets, reflector vest and lights.

(f)    Organizer reserve the right to refuse entry to the event to anyone with inappropriate equipment and clothing.

(g)    Participants must follow the route and instruction from lead and marshals.

(h)    Registration cannot be transferred or returned.

2.    Traffic rules and discipline.

(a)    Participants are expected not to drop or leave any litter on any part of the route.

(b)    Participants are requested to respect the roads, city and countryside in route, refilling point, resting point, assembling point, check point.

(c)    All participants must act in a sportsman manner.

(d)    Participants to cycle with care and abide by the local traffic rules and any other rules stipulated by the Event Organizer.

3.    Health.

(a)    Participants to participate in the Event entirely at their own risk, and conduct himself/herself in a manner that is safe for all throughout the duration of the Event.

(b)    The Participant must understands that the participation in the Event is physically strenuous and demanding. The Participant further certifies that he/she is physically capable of completing the Event within the cut off time (as decided by the Event Organizer).

(c)    If the Participant has any medical condition(s), including allergies, which the Event Organizer or Event medical advisers need to be aware of, he/she shall disclose the same to them before participating in the event and he/she shall be solely responsible for any risks involved due to such medical condition(s).

(d)    The Participant accepts complete liability and responsibility for any medical expenses that may be incurred as a result of training for and/or participating in the Event.

(e)    The Participant accepts that the Event Organizer, the Event sponsors, partner organizers, officials, medical advisers or any person involved in the organization of the Event shall not be liable for any injury or illness that he/she may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the Event, whether prior to, during or subsequent to the Event.

(f)    The Participant acknowledges that personal accident and personal item insurance is his/her sole responsibility.

4.    Mandatory Equipment.

(a)    Safety Helmet.

(b)    Lights

(c)    Reflector tapes/ Reflector vests

5.    General.

(a)    The Event Organizer reserves the right to amend the Event format or cancel the Event due to health and safety reasons, including storm, rain, inclement weather, winds or any other act of God or any other Force Majeure Event. In such circumstances registration fee (if any) paid by the Participant shall be refunded (maintaining the online transaction modalities by registration portals).

(b)    Organizer reserves the right to create, edit or amend the administration charge at any time.

(c)    Confirmed entry to the Event is dependent upon a fully and accurately completed online or physical registration form and receipt of payment on or before specified date.

(d)    The Participant consents to his/her appearance in any media format, in relation to the publicity of the Event, and in future publicity and advertising of Kochi Navy Cyclothon event or any other event provided that such use does not amount to direct endorsement of any official sponsor or supplier of the Event. The organizer reserves the right to use pictures/ videos of participants for promotion of cause and any event in future.

(e)    The Participant’s personal details (including but not limited to name, age group, gender, finishing time, finishing position) shall be stored electronically. By entering the event, the Participant, consents to access to his/her data by the Event Organizer.

(f)    The Event Organizer holds the right to exclude or disqualify any person from the cycling event if suspected of consuming any kind of banned substances. In that case no fee will be refunded.

(g)    Rider/ participant will be held responsible for any casualty or mishap.

(h)    Only those participants who are confirmed for the event will be allowed on the cycling route.

(i)    Indian Navy hold every right to stop any participant from participating in the event who is medically unfit, and cannot continue.

(j)    All decisions by the Event Organizer, its employees or its agents shall be considered final.

(k)    The T & C and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with it, or its subject matter or formation, (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

(l)    A person who is not party to these Terms shall not have any rights under or in connection with them.

6.    I do hereby declare that I have read and accept the above mentioned Terms & Conditions.

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